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While pregnant with Jordan, I loved shopping for a nappy bag. There were so many to choose from, the colours, shapes and sizes… But none that really had everything I wanted or needed… Eventually, I settled on one. 

When I was pregnant with Elijah two years later, I again searched the stores for my ultimate nappy bag. Then I thought, but why not design my own bag. Why not make a bag that has everything that I am looking for…instead of searching and always being disappointed. 

Jordi & Eli was born!

A dream that I grabbed with both hands & turned into a reality. I hope that one day my babies will be proud of me and be proud to have a great brand named after them. 

For Jordan & Elijah… Mama loves you! 

We design & manufacture bags & accessories in your choice of leather & lining colour. If you have a design/picture and dimensions, please email it to us for a quote. We offer a CMT service.

Jordi & Eli manufactures handbags, nappy bags, laptop bags, belts, shoes & accessories.