About Us

“While pregnant with Jordan, I loved shopping around Cape Town for a leather diaper bag. There were so many to choose from, the colours, shapes and sizes… But none that really had everything I wanted or needed… Eventually, I settled on one.

When I was pregnant with Elijah two years later, I again searched the stores for my ultimate diaper bag. Then I thought, but why not design my own custom leather bag. Why not make a bag that has everything that I am looking for, instead of searching and always being disappointed.

Jordi & Eli was born!

A dream that I grabbed with both hands & turned into a reality. I hope that one day my babies will be proud of me and be proud to have a great brand named after them.”

Jacqueline Zeeman and her team bring their distinctive skills to the leather manufacturing industry, ensuring that each project is completed timeously, is of an extremely high quality and that the client is completely satisfied. Quality service is the distinguishing feature of all projects from the design stage to final product.  Jordi & Eli utilises the services of highly skilled and trained leather workers, designers and pattern makers. Based on the scale of the project and the specific requirements of the client, additional specialised skills can be procured.

Jordi & Eli
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